Lennards, Dawson Estate
Wine Label Design

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Label design and concept, print management and production for Wine Labels.

Wine is good. And it tastes even better when it comes in a nice bottle with a well designed label on it. You know, the kind that makes you want to grab it off the shelf (I said grab it... not steal it...), crack it open, and drink copious quantities of it, like, heaps. Dawson Estate, Lennard Brook & Nillacootie Estate are a few brands we have worked with to develop wine that looks good and tastes good. We should know, 'caus we like wine, a lot.

  • Concept & Design
  • Label Production & Print Management
Lennard Brook Wine Labels
ladies at winery
Lennard Brook Wine Labels close up
Lennard Brook Wine Labels on angle
glass of wine overlooking winery
Pouring glass on wine on sunset
Dawson Estate Wine