Integrity, strategy, commitment

Strategic creative and creative strategy are critical, but they're also assumed. So what makes Tangent unique, why choose to work with us?

Tangent is a studio that invests in the brands that we curate. We immerse in our client brands so we can speak genuinely and coherently in the same language.

Tangent treat brands with integrity. Successful branding is holistic and extends to all touch points, hence our expertise and skill set extends across both digital and real world. Be it website, email or social media, print and packaging, or signage and event marketing. The ethos of the brand is maintained and delivered through intelligent and agile workflow methodology.

Founded by Rolf Preston and Susan Wilson, we’ve been around long enough to understand the importance of developing client partnerships and adopting new technologies. We know that an essential part of any branding or marketing strategy is listening to the client’s requirements and strategically aligning service delivery. We have established strong working relationships with many clients' based on this philosophy.

Tangent Design Team Meeting

We care about our brands. Really.

Great people produce impressive results

Tangent Design Breakout Meeting

The Tangent team has the critical mass necessary to provide in-house capability across different channels, yet remain small enough to be agile, hands on and maintain direct client contact. All Tangent staff are senior level allowing us to deliver at a high level from end to end.

We are a dedicated group of individuals collectively striving to a common goal of delivering creative strategy and strategic creative. We’re everyday, approachable people who enjoy creating great design for great clients. Our team is friendly, approachable and hard working, If you think you’d fit in with our approach we’d like to work with you.

Great people produce awesome results

If you think we’d see eye to eye, we’d love to talk