Household Cleaning Range

Label design / packaging for De-Solv-it household cleaner range. Traditionally a trade / professional based cleaning range, De-Solv-it was entering the household cleaner market and needed new labeling & packaging to appeal to homeowners. A brand audit and sector comparison analysis was undertaken before creative concepts were developed, which identified the need for label design with a point of difference to competitor products in a very crowded and price sensitive sector.

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The end result retained a connection to the well known existing trade brand, but clearly targeted the homeowner market with custom illustrations depicting the particular products use. The over riding range theme design was unique to competitor products to retain stand out in a market populated with confusing cleaner labels that all look the same.

The genuine story of De-Solv-It's cleaning credentials as a highly effective citrus based solvent was also researched and conveyed succinctly in the labeling content.

  • Audit and market research
  • Concept and brand positioning
  • Label design and artwork
  • Packaging and finished art
DeSolvIt cleaner label design lady in kitchen
DeSolvIt cleaner packaging label redesign front
DeSolvIt cleaner bottle packaging label back
DeSolvIt happy people in kitchen