Mr Crack & Mr Water

Residential Trade Service Brands

Mr Crack Fix and Mr Water Proofing are residential trade service brands. Tangent created both the brands and built the online presence for each.

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Mr Crack Fix and Mr Water Proofing provide solutions to waterproofing and complex structural building crack issues. The brands are specifically targeted to the residential sector, promoting a high level of expertise in fixing the exact problems they claim expertise in. The Mr Brands are high impact and designed to quickly communicate messaging to homeowners who require urgent fixes, as well as demonstrating a high level of professionalism in what they do.

The projects that Mr Crack Fix and Mr Water Proofing undertake are varied, and the marketing required to support the different business sectors needs to be on message to capture the target market. Website SEO forms the key plank of the business strategy as online enquiries are the main source of new business. The site front end content is SEO opitimsed with target keywords and is specifically constructed with deep level content to harvest user enquiry, and does so extremely effectively.

  • Brand creation and management
  • Site build
  • Marketing and promotional material
  • Content creation, copy writing project case studies
  • Image gallery creation and editing
  • SEO implementation
  • Site content management
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