Classic Car meets Flange

What happens you when you have a car enthusiast client, a target demographic who are largely petrol heads and a creative who is a flat out rev head? You get a super cool Car & Flange Wall Calendar, what else were you thinking?

The CTS Flange 2016 Wall Calendar is the first of our 2016 client calendars, just delivered, and we’re pretty stoked. If you like cars, or just cool things, you should be too. If you want to get a hold of one call up the guys at CTS pretend you like flanges and they might give you one. Better still… if you’re a plumber and buy the odd flange, there’s a good chance you’re on the list to get one.

In the age of all things digital the humble wall calendar remains one of the best methods of cut through and getting in front of your customers every day. As the printed piece becomes rarer, a calendar with genuine thought and consideration behind it as piece of wall art is a prized possession.

Not into cars? If exotic holiday locations and iconic pubs are more your thing stay tuned for our next calendar releases…

There is a special prize for anyone who can guess the car on the cover.