HydroHeat Style

Xmas is looking fashionable for plumbers this year. If you’re lucky enough to be a HydroHeat customer, you too can be looking hot with cool HydroHeat Tees, or Beanies perfect for chilly mornings and robbing banks...

Tangent have done a range of HydroHeat promo goodies; so it’s worth getting on their good side and buying up big on Hydronic Heating Equipment. You might get flipped one of these cool Tee’s or beanies, or a heap of other stuff… pics to come. 

The products HydroHeat sell happen to be pretty good too, but the difference is HydroHeat not only sell class leading Hydronic Heating equipment, they back it up with genuine customer relationships. They look after their customer base. In a growing and competitive market sector like Hydronic Heating this is everything.

Good promotional products are not just about boring handouts, plastered with boring company logos. They should appeal and engage with your customer base and build brand loyalty. If done well they should then organically drive the brand through viral promotion. Above all, they should get used! Heat Done Well… branding done well.