Dare Devil Accountants

Accountants boring? Nah not this one. We recently completed a brand rejuvenation for Weber Bowman Accountants and found that preconceptions about stereotyped occupations can often be misleading...

It turned out one of Weber Bowman's principal directors had a history of track racing 600cc Super Sport Motorbikes at around 260kmh (favourite circuit; Philip Island) which is pretty much one of the most dangerous hi-speed activities you can do, and until a few yrs ago still competed in the veterans MotoCross category (until injuries and common sense prevailed and retirement called).

When it came to the Accountancy practice however, safe to say a more common sense and more risk adverse approach was taken. The size of the business had steadily increased over the years and the service delivery had evolved and grown, however the branding was outdated and way out of step with the capabilities of the practice. A new brand was desperately needed to reflect the vibrancy of Weber Bowman and the directors strategic direction into new areas.

And so the rebrand journey was undertaken with the entrenched 25 yr old brandmark being completely reborn. A reboot such as this is a rewarding experience as the effect is instant and if done well gratifying to see the immediate impact. Reinvigorating a long standing brand changes perceptions both internally from staff and employees and externally from an existing and prospect customers point of view. A brand that looks vibrant and up to date is more likely to attract an astute client base. The new brand collateral was rolled out multi channel across stationery documentation as well a ground up new web presence. Building signage concepts were then developed and the whole street front presence given a make over.

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