Nice ARS

Some brands just seem to come together easy. The briefs seem to almost write themselves, it seems ridiculous how they are so brilliantly straightforward, ARS was not one of those...

The scope and services of ARS (Asset Rehabilitation Services) are both very specific, and very vast. This means training and honing the offer into to a seamless brand was a challenge. But we love a challenge, and to make creative work in synergy across all channels of a brand. The result of this is that client goals, designer aspirations, and commercial market success is achieved.

Some brands need to undergo their own birthing process and journey to find themselves, define their market and what it is they hope to achieve. Asset Rehab Services (ARS) was one of those brands. The business owner had a strong visual concept from the beginning of what the brand would look like. The brand icon was to be a photographic image of a juicy peach (cheekily representing the anagram ‘A.R.S.’ - Asset Rehab Services). It was tricky to make it work, both directly to link the tongue in cheek 'Arse’ concept, and also to make the photographic imagery not look out of place across the different brand applications.

As a result the brand collateral just didn’t quite gel, the image of the peach was somewhat contradictory to the professional nature of the business and fought against other elements of the brand postiioning. So, when a few years down the track a company restructure opened up the possibility to realign the brand with a fresh approach, a brand makeover was embraced. Brands often get updated in roughly 7 yr cycles and as it happened this was exactly the case (just as in life, if your brand hasn't changed in that timeframe, it's time to relook at it!).

The band personality needed to be retained, but the client was now open to a fresh interpretation, as long as the new brand didn't reinvent the wheel and blow the budget, and it retained the same sense of fun, we pretty much had an open book. As the business had evolved a new supporting statement was developed; ‘ARS - The Dirty, the Difficult, the Dangerous’ enabling us to pivot and use this supporting language across various brand touch points in an engaging manner. This new strap line propostion embodies the company services without actually saying what they are, and creates a sense of intrigue, more effectively than the standard descriptive tags (which are used in a tertiary supporting role).

The end result is a more corporate look which better reflects the professional capability of the business, but still retains a sense of fun and personality which is key to the business, and critically still embodies the juicy peach which started it all!

The outputs of all this are embodied in a web make over and brand collateral such as vehicle livery, staff apparel and promo items such as stubby holders. The makeover has made the brand more consistent, and opened it up to more flexible applications as the brand continues to grow and evolve...

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