Magazines in a digital world

If you’re going to speak in print the days you need to be tactile, valuable, engaging, relevant and have a useful purpose...

Magazines that regurgitate information readily available elsewhere are losing advertisers and going out of print.  Magazines that have found a niche are not. Rather, they are in demand to growing subscriber bases.  The Middy's MAG was created by Tangent for Middy’s Data and Electrical, Australia's largest privately owned electrical wholesaler. 

The publication was originally started over 20yrs ago as a basic sales catalogue. Tangent morphed this into a 'Middy’s' engagement tool by tapping into the national customer base of over 25,000. Useful reader content is aimed specifically at Middy's customers. It includes Middy’s customer profiles, local branch events, customer promotions, MAG only promotions, new product releases, industry reg updates, and Middy's training and new business opportunities.

The Mag’s niche and point of difference is that no other magazine that can speak directly to Middy's customers, the information can’t be found anywhere else  - whilst there are many other Trade mags that can speak broadly to Electrician's.  By publishing only Middy’s centric content the mag avoids overlap and retains it's audience. With a nationwide network of of over 100 branches there is plenty of 'Middy’s’ news to talk about.

Of course the mag can’t be just paper, the content can’t be isolated in print. it is integrated through Middy’s digital channels including online, EDM, social media and blog to disseminate and embed the content. Support from advertisers is strong to the extent that the mag recently increased its pages format, with pull through sales data showing Advertising gives excellent ROI to suppliers.  So the combination of providing useful, valuable reader content to a captive readership demonstrates good old fashioned Magazines can be an extremely valid and effective means of communicating with your customer base.

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