Politics is a Tough Game

Tangent created the campaign for Cr Rob Grinter's election to Bayside Council in 2016, successfully winning their candidate a seat.

Since then Cr Grinter has helped successfully steer Bayside council and implement many beneficial strategies and initiatives for the benefit of the Bayside Community, holding the office of Deputy Mayor and overseeing an annual budget exceeding $110 million dollars.

However politicians are no strangers to scandal, and councillor Grinter had an interesting twist to his tale when the spotlight was turned and Rob was made the subject of a Channel Nine ‘A Current Affair’ story in which allegations were made regarding the operation of his privately owned business. Whilst a seperate issue to holding office in a Metropolitan council, events such as this can impact brand integrity and perception.

Public opinion is fickle. Regardless of whether there was any foundation to the accusations, mud can stick in a trial by media. If you seek a high profile public platform and the adulation that can follow, be careful to mind your own backyard, as public consensus can very quickly change. The integrity of a brand is everything, a brand's essence needs to resonate and ring true to survive a beating, The swinging political climate in America is testament to this.

The truth behind any tabloid story is hard to discern. Conjecture is everything and the truth is hidden somewhere behind a media company looking for ratings and disgruntled customers voicing their opinions. The crafted piece that is delivered shows a predetermined outcome. Throw in a muted response from the defendant, and the jury of public opinion will often side to the most salacious assumption.

Tangent have worked closely with Rob not only on his election campaign, but also in the creation of the Hampton Street Traders Association brand of which Rob was President and Tangent director Rolf Preston was the marketing manager. So we’ve worked closely with Rob to promote his own brand, as well as others, and the essence of these brands rings true. The media and community however will likely make judgement on what is presented to them.

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