Kosdown Thinking In Ink

Thinking In Ink

Kosdown are a third generation printing company that has adapted a broad digital and offset print offer. Despite the printing sector shrinking as a whole, this has kept them at the forefront of the market, and Kosdown are thriving. Being busy running the business however leaves the directors time poor, and they had been stalling on a much needed site rebuild for some time, and partnerships with other developers had not delivered.

This was in a large part due to the curation necessary. Not just to deliver the perfect site UX and UI, but to generate content that captured the 'Kosdown way’. This was a partnership between a client and agency that required not just building and delivering a 'website’, but delving deep into the brand to speak as the Kosdown voice and deliver messaging with genuine sincerity.

Tangent were able do this because we took the time to understand Kosdown. There's a reason why Kosdown are considered one of the best printers in Melbourne; they're expert in what they do and they deliver on what they promise. Understanding this offer made it possible to generate messaging and that connected with end users. The result is a beautifully designed site that perfectly captures Kosdown Printing and takes users on simple pathways to folio pieces and services across Kosdown's broad capability offer.

With the success of the site rebuild Tangent were invited to provide further design and marketing services. Tangent now supply content creation and authoring, site maintenance and updates, curation of the social media presence and email marketing. The service provision gives Kosdown consistency and synergy across their marketing channels and streamlines production. Importantly, it allows Kosdown to get on with what they do best… Think in Ink!

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