Bring The Heat

Bring The Heat

A recent site rebuild for Australia's leading Hydronic Heating suppliers had an interesting follow up. The HydroHeat site rebuild was a substantial project with over 400 pgs of content including a critical data knowledge bank. The previous build was nearly 7 yrs old and whilst it had stood the test of time with maintenance and upkeep, it had reached end of life.

So, the site required a UX / UI overhaul, new content authoring, and shifting to a new CMS platform. No problem, Tangent scoped and undertook the task, implemented and delivered the new website. Measuring data showed an increase in user visits, lower bounce rate and more time spent on site. Still, even if the creative agency claims amazing results, are they really qualified to assess the success of their own website? Rarely is an assessment given independently with no vested interest.

In this case it was. What validated our findings was an unexpected external review. As part of the CEO Institute our client attends regular catch ups with other CEO’s and senior executives. At a recent institute gathering the keynote presenter was from one of the worlds biggest marketing platform and research providers SEMRUSH. Unbeknown to the group, SemRush had taken the opportunity to pre-audit several of the group members websites and then presented the results at the event. As it happened was one of them. There is nothing that ‘brings the heat’ more than an external independent party, critically analysing your work and then presenting the findings to your client and their peer group.

So no pressure then, the HydroHeat site had recently been relaunched and the client had made a substantial investment. SemRush audited and analysed 14 of the Institute members websites by various criteria. An Authority score was based on quality of URL's & effectiveness of SEO based on backlinks, referrers and direct organic traffic. In addition bounce rates, visitor retention, pg's viewed and overall traffic trends were taken into account as well as Google Business Listing reviews.

Out of the 14 sites audited, came in 2nd. Coming in top was 'Dial Before You dig’ a site providing essential workplace safety information to a national audience of millions. The other 13 sites surveyed were similar private companies with comparable demographics. At 5,800 organic Aust traffic per mth, the HydroHeat site was well clear of its rivals and outperformed in all categories, with visitation numbers still peaking.

This puts the effectiveness of the site into perspective: Converting users to enquiries on a website typically runs at about 1 to 4%. This means the 5,800 monthly organic web traffic is generating 60 to 340 good web enquiries per mth.

When a business is sold, its site footprint and the business enquiry generated by the site is one of the businesses most valuable assets, so it’s worth taking seriously and investing money with the right digital agency to get it right. Not that we're boasting, just sayin…

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