From the Windy City to Melbourne

Chicago is famous for being the ‘windy city'. But apart from the wind, Chicago is also home to Panduit, a global company with over 5,000 employees around the world, but still with its state of the art office headquarters based in Chicago. Tangent are proud to welcome Panduit to our client portfolio to help support and grow the Panduit brand in Australia.

Panduit generates over $1 billion in sales annually and is an innovator in the electrical and network infrastructure products sector. As a progressive company in a big sector, Panduit recognises that to grow local market share cultural nuances need to be reflected in marketing content and tuned to local sensibilities. What works in the USA, Europe or Asia may not necessarily suit the Australian market; a tailored call to action that resonates is required.

Panduit allows it's divisions a level of autonomy to manage and grow their own markets within the global brand guidelines, hence Tangent are tasked to create local content tailored to the Aust market whilst maintaining brand consistency and voice. Tangent create Local range catalogues and marketing content across multiple brand channels including print, digital, SEM and social media. As Panduit Australia represents only a percentage of the global product range this makes local marketing content critical. It needs to be agile, and quickly able to pivot to suit local variations and range releases.

It's a journey we are enjoying immensely, developing creative marketing genuinely invested in its audience, and gaining market share.

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